Ropley vs Wield, Sunday 27th July

Weather – Hot Hot Hot!!.

Match Summary - A stunning performance and a very proud Father!!!

It is a well known fact that Ropley are less than enamored by losing to Wield, so after losing to us last year they packed their team with 1st team players so they could crush our tiny village!!!

Toby and Jack took to the field on a wicket that had produced 650 runs for 8 wickets the day before. Toby was on a mission blasted the ball straight and hard. Again and again the Ropley fielders had to chase the ball down the road as Toby raced to 50 in about 30 balls. Jack was on 12 when Toby's first landmark was passed.

Jack's first 32 runs all came in 4's (not very Robson like!!!!!) with not a slog in sight. The guys passed 100 and then 150 before Jack was dropped by the keeper on 60. Toby brought up his 100 with another straight drive and all eyes turned to Jack. As the partnership went passed 200 the umpire (Robson Snr) was informed by text that Jack was on 89 with 2 or 3 overs left. The following moments were a blur of shots and sprinting for 2's until the last 2 balls of the innings arrived. Jack on 99 refused a single on the penultimate ball as his father was screaming yes!!!! He then hit the next ball over the top and scampered 2 to bring up his maiden 100.

I applauded Toby and my son off thinking this was the only acceptable time to be No.3 and be padded up for 2 1/2 hours!!!

Tea came and went and Ropley having chased down 325 the day before seemed very confident they would win. They had not bargained on Wield's 2 new recruits. Dan S and Dan T both 16 and both quicker than anyone else who has played for us, probably!!!!

In a complete contrast in speed Dan S bowled down the hill and Aidan bowled up the hill. Showing that pace isn't everything Aidan had Ropley's 1st team opener dropped by me at slip only for me to catch a sharp one off the same batsmen 2 balls later.

Dan ripped threw Ropley's top order who frankly didn't fancy Dan's pace and when Nick G was out 2nd ball Ropley were 79/4. Dan was replaced with Dan T and in a rather amusing moment Max enquired how quick he was, Miss hearing the answer Max stood up to Dan's first ball and as the ball was halfway down the wicket there was a loud squeal from Max just before the ball thudded into his chest. Max then moved back 20 paces and joined me at 1st slip!!!!!

Dan continued the carnage moving the ball in at pace and Ropley's batsmen came and went rather quickly. Yorkie took pity on the opposition and brought on Robin and Guy. Robin took a wicket with his usual long hop and with Ropley clinging on for a draw I was handed the ball. 2 leggies and then a reasonable flighted googly later and the last man was in. Yorkie brought back Dan T and Ropley's No.11's resistance lasted 1 ball.

We walked off the field jubilant and I had a smile as wide
as Christmas day.

Jack's Dad